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What Happened to Weekend Reading

What happened to the weekend reading series? Where did it go?

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hello folks!

Where did Weekend Reading go?

The short of it is, it took a lot longer than I anticipated to keep up with the news each week. I was never in it to gain a following or a subscriber base (like This Week in React), and a lot of the news I was keeping track of, Seb did a good job of catching those anyway - so why duplicate efforts? 😅

It also meant, after a week of work, and then add on the time to catch up with the week and write it up, there wasn't much room left for tinkering and writing actual posts about what I learned that week.

So to move back to the reason I started the blog, it's bye bye weekend reads. If you were one of the very few readers who enjoyed it, thank you! I'd recommend subscribing to This Week in React instead. Seb does a great job of catching all the good stuff.