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Weekend Reading

New releases, new GPT apps, more Twitter threads, and is_author_elon?

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hello folks!

Back again with another instalment. Where did that week go? I hope your week was filled with merges and closed Jira's.

We had quite a few releases this week, from Vanilla Extract to VSCode. Developers keep churning out the next GPT app, so plenty more of them too. And Twitter didn't disappoint for another week with some long but interesting threads.

Oh, and of course, the small matter of releasing the Twitter algorithm to the public where all hell broke loose, as probably expected.

Let's jump in shall we?

VSCode released their March update this week, nothing overly exciting, but the TS/JS switch case completions is nice.

Vanilla Extract added cascade layer support. I still haven't played with this style of CSS yet, but it looks interesting!

Tyler, of ui dot dev, announced a new React course is on the way. Neat looking intro page, might be worth a watch as it sounds exciting.

Theo laments the database performance of Prisma in his latest video. It feels like the migration has begun to DrizzleORM.

Josh shares some more coolness with the :has() selector. There's so much neat stuff this can do, I only wish it had more support so I could dig into it at work.

Dan reminds us they're still working on the React Forget compiler, the promise-land of not needing fiddly useEffects and array dependencies.

did you know React is working on a reactivity compiler? 👀 now that i have your interest, i invite you to read this part of our last blog post in case you missed it. it was a notable shift in how we *think* about the React data flow and what the compiler’s role should be.


If you've been playing with next 13 as I have, you might have ran into a few problems here and there. Lee posted a thread with the most common questions/gotchas and what's coming next!

A new week, a new GPT app. DomainsGPT got a fair amount of eyes this week it seemed 👀

Wes was asking whether people prefer enums over as const. Surprisingly well split actually given a lot of Twitter TS stars seem to be in the avoid camp.

I haven't had time to watch it this week but Ben recorded a stream session with Dan where they built out RSC's in a micro framework and go in depth on the inner workings. Sounded super cool, can't wait to watch. 4 hours though! 😅

Seb's having a week off from This Week In React this week, so that's all we've got! Until next time.